Dominique Elastic

Arotic Nights

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Dominique is recommended for couples who report regularly feeling pain, for couples wishing to push their limits, or to beginners seeking practice.

Dietary supplement containing Hawthorn

Dominique contributes to :

• Reduce nervousness

• Improves blood circulation

Organic willow

Organic hawthorn

Organic Peppermint

Organic lavender

Organic passionflower

Organic hops

Organic Eleutherococcus

Agricultural ingredients obtained according to the rules of organic farming .

Can be consumed regularly or on a need basis.


2 capsules per day , treatment of 14 days. Renew several times a year . Can be consumed continuously.


3-4 capsules before love. Can be renewed as often as desired .


Effects on average in less than 3 days. No side effects .

Not recommended for people allergic to salicylate derivatives .


x3 anal Elasticity

+ 7cm dilatation

Enjoyment x2

Comfort x2

Tests period of at least 6 days, sample of 30 men and women, French, 26 to 65 years for both beginners or used in the practice of anal penetration.