Gaston Etalon

Better Endurance

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Gaston is especially recommended for men experiencing problems with ejaculation or using condoms retardants and anesthetic gels or rings.

Dietary supplement containing green tea & Rhodiola

Gaston contributes to :

• Improving ability to concentrate and overall well-being during physical activity

• Increases the strength, physical and mental abilities

• Contributes to maintaining the strength , endurance , and performance

Organic fennel

Organic hops

Organic Green tea

Organic passionflower

Organic Rhodiola

Organic hawthorn

Organic green anise

Agricultural ingredients obtained according to the rules of organic farming .

Gaston can be used as a treatment or on a need basis.


2 capsules daily , repeated several times a year . Can be consumed continuously.


3-4 capsules before love. Can be renewed as often as desired . *


* Following the tests conducted in 2012 by a sample of 17 men aged 21 to 46 years.


75% of testers found an increase in the frequency of reports.

100% of the testers found it at least 2 times easier to control their ejaculation .

71% of testers found their endurance increased.

Tests conducted in 2012 in France by a sample of 17 men aged 21 to 46 years, who sometimes or often have trouble controlling their ejaculation.