Ninon Lagoon

Vaginal Hydration

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Ninon is particularly recommended for women who temporarily or regularly experience vaginal dryness, are menopausal or who have a child.

Dietary supplement made from Sage

Ninon contributes to :

• Increasing the wellbeing and comfort of menopausal women daily

• Reducing night sweats, regulating your cycle and increasing vitality

Organic soy isoflavones

Organic Cocoa

Organic Sage

Organic Lavender

Organic Passionflower

Organic Anise

Organic Pollen

Agricultural ingredients obtained according to the rules of organic farming

Can be consumed regularly or on a need basis.


2-5 capsules per day for 14 days. To repeat 2-3 times a year.


5 capsules before love .


Following the tests conducted in 2012 by a sample of 21 women aged 25 to 59 years


76% of testers found that their desire was at least doubled.

81% of testers found an increased number of orgasms .

94% of the testers who were not satisfied with the frequency of their sex life have seen an increase in its frequency.

Tests conducted in 2012 in France by a sample of 21 women aged 25 to 59 years exhibiting signs of vaginal dryness and have completed a course of six days minimum.