Céline Féline

Libido & Desire

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Céline is particularly recommended for women who have lost sexual desire, either temporarily or recurring, often caused by stress, fatigue, pill or drug treatments.

Dietary supplement made from red ginseng , Rhodiola & Acerola Celine helps increase physical performance, concentration and coordination in all circumstances.

• Vitamin C in Acerola helps reduce fatigue.

Organic Cocoa

Organic Acerola

Organic Rhodiola

Organic Anis

Organic Cinnamon

Organic Ginseng Rouge

Organic Black Pepper

Agricultural ingredients obtained according to the rules of organic farming .

Can be consumed as treatment or on a need basis


2 capsules per day, each at your convenience during the day.


3-4 capsules before meeting. Can be consumed as much as desired.


First effects from taking the first capsules. No side effects .


76% of testers found that their desire was at least doubled.

53% of testers found an increased number of orgasms .

59% of the testers that were not satisfied with the frequency of their relationship have seen an increase in this frequency.

Tests period of at least 5 days, a sample of 30 French women 22 to 55 years of age. Sometimes prone to drop desire .